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Bladesmiths of Portland

You can’t chuck an ingot without hitting a bladesmith around Portland anymore. I interviewed five for Portland Monthly. 

Why Washington Has Bigger Clams

The Long Beach Peninsula has long been a vacation retreat for wealthy Portlanders. That’s kind of why they have more and bigger razor clams. For 1889

Barnacle Bounty

I eat these, and you can too. Barnacle Bob will show you how. For OnTrak.

Serendipity Thrives In Joe Swick’s Wines

Swick Natural wine Portland
To me, natural wine is a way to push back against the engineered micromanagement of our existence. It expands the aesthetic milieu and, when done right, it makes you want to spit convention into the bucket. For Edible Portland.

Knobs And Bulbs

Hippo Hardware looks so zany from the outside, it must be an act right? Naw, these junk vendors are the most lovable misfits left in Portland. For Portland Monthly.

Our Ephemeral Fruit Heritage

The Northwest has a long relationship with the first fruit of spring. Will Oregon’s heritage of tongue crushingly soft fruit with big flavor and deep color survive?

On the Table, Beneath the Surface

craftsman writer
PDX Magazine featured this exploration of the intersection of design philosophy and food service in Portland restaurants. Specifically, who makes those fancy tables?

Benjamin Silver Invites Goodwill

Mike allen Design writer portland
Benjamin Silver renovated an old Spanish colonial revival house down the street from me. I wrote a piece about his work for the print only publication NE Neighbors

Love is the Medium

Art and Craft
A feature for PDX Magazine in which the narrator clumsily discovers the craft of letterpress through the art of one Brian Reed.

The Head, the Heart, and The Tails

Portland moonshine
A series of profiles of Portland moonshiners for PDX Magazine.

Saturn’s Picnic

Fiction Writer Hiking
Paranoiac fiction for PDX Magazine, in which the first person narrator contemplates devouring his little daughter while on a hiking trip.

Phillips Screw and Driver

The Phillips screw was invented right here in Portland, Oregon in 1932 or so. The original inventor is pretty much lost to history. I dug up everything I could about the story for the Oregon Historical Society’s Oregon Encyclopedia.

Memories of the Killing Fields

cambodia, khmer rouge, refugees, portland
A review of an oral history project documenting the voices of Portland’s Cambodian refugee population, for the PSU Vanguard.

The Future of Print

Portland State|University
A Q&A with the director of publishing at PSU’s Ooligan Press, Per Henningsgaard, about the direction of publishing in the digital age.

Molé Amarillo

bowl of mole amarillo soup
The narrator gets food poisoning from the titular food while traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico—for PDX Magazine.

Mycorrhizae in the Vegetable Garden

Mycorrhizae vegetables
Mycorrhizae are truly fascinating. This piece was originally written for the Oregon Mycological Society, and explores mycorrhizae’s benefits in the cultivated landscape.

Coco Fusco Does What She Wants

Art | culture | Writer
A tough interview with a tough artist. The PSU Vanguard ran this as a center spread.